Fall Fashion 2016

Fall Fashion 2016

Now that NY Fashion Week has come and gone, it's time to talk about all the big trends for both women and men. it's an exciting time to break out the fun fall layers San Franciscans usually wear year round. Below are some highlights of what is big this fall. 


For all of your fall traveling, you need a sick pair of gloves to keep warm. Chic fingerless gloves like the ones below also allow you to fully function without taking them off. 


Some people may be intimidated by these bold statement pieces, but it's all about simplicity. don't over accessorize if you are going to incorporate something bold. Regardless if you are a man or woman, if you are going with a high sheen pant or a faux fur neck wrap as pictured below, make sure that is the "loudest" part of your ensemble. 


Pink is always a great color to work into any outfit, but typically we associate pinks with spring. This fall season, pull from your spring stash and work them into your fall layered looks. Typical spring garments like the Kenneth Cole v-neck tee or the Armani ombre polo below works perfectly with a great coat and scarf. 


Another color we typically associate with spring is sticking around for fall this year. The Comme des Garçons button up below is a perfect marriage of color and texture for the sheen look with a pop of color. 


Puffer jackets are difficult to get right so make sure you don't go overboard and look like a marshmallow. These are the best for those frigid windy days! 


Something that is classic and never goes out of style so you can pull out your overcoat from last year and make a statement all over again.


One of my favorite colors this season! Even though I just love green in general, I feel like it looks good on EVERYONE and is an awesome way to add a pop of color that you can continue to wear through winter. 

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