Home Decor: What's In & What's Out

Home Decor: What's In & What's Out

Here is an update on what is trending and what is dying out in home decor. 



If you are a fan of statement pieces with sparkle, you're in luck! These gems are a perfect way to add a touch of fun without going overboard. The easiest way to work them in to your home are as follows: 

  • Coasters
  • Lamp accents/Finials 
  • Raw Quartz As An Accent Piece


white dishes.jpg

Raw White: 
This is one of my favorites because its classic and clean and you can work in all seasons and all holidays without having to change much. If you don't have raw white statement pieces, you can easily work it in with the following: 

  • Exposed white dishes
  • Vases 
  • Tables/Bar stools 



Mixed Textures:
This is one that is easily overdone and a lot of people find hard to do, but when done right, it looks fantastic and if you don't like a ton of color, this is a way to make your home not so sterile. Think Hard/soft or bold/muted but only do mixed textures in one part of each room such as: 

  • Accent Pillows
  • Bedding
  • Throw Blankets



Concrete Accents: 
Even though some may find this cold and unsophisticated, I actually LOVE the effect concrete accents have in a space. You don't have to go overboard, but it really can look expensive if you do it right. Simple small ways you can work in concrete: 

  • Bookends
  • Table clock
  • Sculptures 





D.I.Y. Everything:
I'm not saying D.I.Y. isn't amazing, because I love it. BUT you really shouldn't look like you live in a craft store. scale way back on D.I.Y. projects. When you do that it allows your D.I.Y. projects to make statements not overtake your space


Sayings/Word Art Everywhere: 
This is one that is fine in moderation, but I feel like people can easily overdo. If you have on every flat surface and every wall a art piece that has some sort of inspirational or family centered word, it's time to scale that back as well. "Live Laugh Love", "Home is where the heart is" and all of those other sayings read as a dorm room. Use pieces like this thoughtfully and minimally. 

Dark Accent Walls: 
Remember when everyone had that deep red kitchen accent wall or that deep blue bedroom color? Those days have passed on. statements should be made through accent pieces, not full walls. Try a sophisticated pastel or calm neutral for all walls to keep it consistent and let the art do the talking. 


Chevron Everywhere:
Okay, so I actually happen to like chevron, but it's another thing that can be so overdone and look ultra gimmicky. If you have chevron everywhere scale back like D.I.Y. Someone should never be able to come into your home and say, "WOW, you REALLY like chevron!" 


What are your favorite new trends? Comment below!




White After Labor Day

White After Labor Day